Save 60% on Premium
Brazilian Jiu - Jitsu Instruction In 2020!! 
Enroll in this Years Intake For The - Adult Beginners Starter Course
Plus.... you get a  intro with your own Certified Personnel coach on the first beginners lesson
Brazilian Jiu - Jitsu Legion 13 Perth Hills [Located in Midvale]
Has Only a 10 Openings For The 2020 Adult Beginner Starter Course.
This is Perfect For Adults Who:
  • ​  Have little or no training in martial arts  
  •  Desire peak physical conditioning and performance (no matter if you are out of shape and lack confidence right now!) 
  •   Are willing and eager to learn effective and proven self-defence skills 
  •    Want to improve their health, boost endurance, plus build mental focus and clarity
Join Us and Register Your Interest for the Beginners Starter Course 
There are ONLY 10   7  
4 2 available spots left

These 10 spots will go fast, TIME IS RUNNING OUT.....
* Must be 14 years plus a novice and have never have trained with us before.

Five 2 more spots left to go

Here's the BONUSES YOU GET With 
The Beginner starter Course .....
L13HILLS BJJ Introduction Class
For your first lesson, YOU get one of L13Hill’s Top-Tier instructors as your own “personal trainer” to show you the ropes and basics of the system – to ensure you confidently get off to a great start. 
INSTANT 60% Savings
Off Your First Ten Lessons
For a limited time, YOU get 10 lessons for $97 that is $193 OFF the normal price from $290. That’s practically giving you 6 FREE lessons. Don’t miss out. Once a few more people join, we’ll have to end this deal
WARNING: We can only take 10 complete novices in Only!
Have you ever said…

“No, I haven’t tried martial arts… but I’ve been meaning to.” 

"I don't think I can do this" or "I'm not fitter enough" or "I will get fit first"
Forget those old excuse, because we’ve made it easier than ever to gain the skills, confidence, and overall well-being that Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu provides with the beginners starter course.

It doesn’t matter if you have NO martial arts experience. And it doesn’t matter if you feel you’re out of shape. We can help you get in the best shape of your life… starting now.

Located in in Midvale,each year we offer 10 discounted places in the beginner starter course with an amazing saving of 60% off 10 classes for COMPLETE BEGINNERS in the self-defense & lifestyle art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu who want to:

Learn powerful, practical self-defense techniques in a fun, supportive, yet challenging environment
• Gain more confidence, strength, and endless energy
Relieve stress in a positive manner without feeling guilty afterward (instead, be empowered and relaxed…)
• Enjoy camaraderie with others without feeling negatively pressured or bullied
Build themselves from the inside out… and feel relaxed, confident, and secure, no matter what high-pressure situation they find themselves in .

There is only 3 requirements I need from you if you are truly interested:

1.You must be ready to commit to at least 2 classes per week.
2.One of those classes must be Monday 6 pm or Saturday 10:45 am( or woman only class Wednesday 6pm if you are female)
3.Willing and eager to learn effective and proven self-defence skills to get in the shape of your life!

If this sounds like you, and you truly want to build yourself from the inside out, then we’d like to offer you enrolment in this course.

You’ll no longer say, “I’ve been meaning too"

- Mike

L13HILLS Brazilian Jiu Jitsu offers you 
an amazing place to train…

You’ll experience a mature yet fun and safe environment to learn.
You’ll enjoy working with very friendly, highly-qualified coaches and trainers. From day one, you’ll feel welcome and a part of the team regardless of age, fitness level, or experience. It’s a club with a great atmosphere and a tremendous work ethic.

  • No experience required 
  • No complicated classes 
  • No bullying or big EGOS
  • No “bros” trying to hurt you 
Become part of a group of people like yourself, who enthusiastically share a rare passion. Get started today!
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